Collaborative research refers to research projects that involve combined efforts of internal and external researchers, each bringing distinct expertise to a project on a topic identified by both parties. The external parties can be either academics or practitioners depending on the needs and specialisation. Examples of collaborative research projects conducted thus far include:

  1. Parameter Hiyal Dalam Kewangan Islam 
  2. Application of Options in Islamic Finance 
  3. The Application of Commodity Murabahah in Bursa Suq Al-Sila' Malaysia vis-a-vis Jakarta Future Exchange Shariah Indonesia: A Comparative Analysis 
  4. Fatwas on Islamic Capital Markets : A Comparative Study between Malaysia and Gulf Cooperation Council )(GCC) Countries
  5. Pioneering Thoughts on Commodity Hawalah: Facilitating the Trading of Debt 
  6. Cost of Funds as a Part of Ta‘widh (Compensation for Actual Loss)
  7. Internationalisation of Islamic Finance: Shari'ah Rules and Interpretations across Jurisdictions ; Toward Greater Global Connectivity in Islamic Finance
  8. Islamic Marketing Practices of Takaful Agents in the Malaysian Takaful Industry